Helsinki Spa Lounge

We offer our customers the opportunity to calm down and refresh themselves in the middle of a busy day.

Between treatments, enjoy complimentary tea and snacks in the luxurious Helsinki Spa Lounge.

Erottaja Park Benefit

If you come by car, you can leave it in the Erottaja Park. Get 20% off the Spa Shop!

Helsinki Day Spa with its spacious rooms and effective ventilation allows us to continue providing high-level services in a safe environment. Our staff is using surgical masks and hand desinfection has been common practice for us already for a long time.

The Spa area is only intended for adults who have booked treatments – we want to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to find peace and relaxation in their busy daily lives. Currently we kindly ask you to use surgical face mask provided to you during your stay in the Spa Lounge. Stay in the Lounge is restricted to 15 minutes.

Magazines are witheld from the Lounge during spring 2021. Please desinfect you hands before and after taking tea or water. Currently we provide only wrapped candies in the Lounge. We apologize for the temporary measures and hope to get back to the normal routines during the late spring 2021.

Spa Etiquette

Spa etiquette is intended to ensure that each customer receives the service they are entitled to in full.