Cellec Cell Toning & Photo Shower


Cellec Cell Toning and Photo Shower intense pulsed light treatment for skin firming and colour balancing.

Face: 30 min
Face and neck: 45 min
Face, neck and décolletage: 60 min
Back of the hands: 30 min

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The new generation of intense pulsed light treatment strengthens and smoothes the skin’s glow effectively and quickly. Light energy stimulates skin metabolism and collagen production.

Photoshower removes signs of fatigue from the face and brightens the skin with one treatment session. The firming effect of Cell Toning treatment is achieved by serial therapy every 7-10 days. Cellec treatment is not suitable for heavily tanned skin.

Additional information

Treatment area

5 x Back of the hands (30 min): 450€, 5 x Face (30 min): 500€, 5 x Face and neck (45 min): 680€, 5 x Face, neck and décolletage (60 min): 920€, Back of the hands (30 min): 120€, Face (30 min): 135€, Face and neck (45 min): 180€, Face, neck and décolletage (60 min): 250€


Unfortunately this treatment isn’t suitable during pregnancy.


Treatment is suitable for clients with a defibrillator.